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Traditional Indian Tapestry

These royal tapestries from India are one-of-a-kind. They are sure to brighten any room you choose to place them in. Made from patches of antique textiles, saris and dresses, the various patterns have come together to create a beautiful collage. Get creative with your interior designing - you can use this piece as a sofa throw, or a focal point for a large wall, or even as a cover for a large chest.The options are endless.

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Indian Wall Decoration

These exquisite wall hangings are absolutely stunning. With every inch covered in heavy beadwork, this Rajasthani wall tapestry adds a gorgeous ethnic look and style. Great as a gift or in your new home, this decor will transform any room of your choice. Used as wall decor, a table cover, or a throw for your couch, these handmade patchwork tapestries are usually 60 x 40 inches, filling the room with an eye-catching masterpiece. 

Indian Patchwork Wall Hanging Tapestry

Indian Handmade Patchwork Wall Tapestry

Rajasthan Patchwork Wall Hanging Decor

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Indian Tapestry - Zardozi and Kundan work

This lovely picture is courtesy of Callista B. (, with the Indian tapestry adorning the entryway. A closer look in the next picture shows the kundan work and zardozi work on velvet, in greater detail. Unlike most vintage tapestries, the embellishments on this large Indian wall hanging are hand sewn and embroidered on velvet fabric. This provides greater luster to the wall decoration.

Indian Tapestry with kundan work and zardozi

(Source: Callista B. @

Indian wall hanging, close up

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Hanging an Indian Tapestry

When these patchwork Indian tapestries are used as wall decor, we know of these four methods. Let us know if you’ve seen it differently.

1) Decorative pins along the trim, and the sari textile wall hanging is flush with the wall. We think this goes well with all bright colors.

Red Rajasthan Wall Hanging with decorative pins

2) Curtain rod with clip rings, with the clips grabbing on to the trim of the tapestry.

3) Stretch and frame

4) Stretch and shadow box

close up of bead work in patchwork

handmade tapestry from rajasthan, India

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